Don't just run a business...
Build a brand!

You are a small business owner or in the process of starting a new business. You have 101 things on your plate. You are an expert passionate about what you do, but you need some marketing firepower to turn your business into a brand your customers can latch onto...
Enter BreakBeat Marketing.


We're more than just websites & logos... we want to see your business thrive!

We exist for the small businesses out there that want to build a brand that stands out in a world of "me-too" competitors. Every word, image, and detail connected to your business is a reflection of your brand. Businesses that recognize this stand out... businesses that don't are often forgotten. Running a business is hard enough. Let us build a brand that speaks your language!

What Do We Do For Your Business?



Your business is unique because YOU are unique. We'll dig deep to find out what is unique to you that NO ONE can duplicate.



Let's pin point what you need and what you don't need. With a simple and effective game plan, you can start making the right moves to build your brand.



After pulling it all together, it's time to go to work. We'll work together to design the branding touchpoints you need to walk away with a brand that your customers will want to follow.

Having someone sit down with you that believes in your business and summarize it the way you did inspired us to push ourselves further. Building the website is important... and we really didn’t think about it until recently with the Huddle and getting together to talk about it. It’s so feasible.
— Alex & Kelsey ~ Too By Three
David showed us how having marketing tools would help our company start off on the right foot and pave the way to the future of our company. We now understand more than ever how important it is to have someone that gives you the attention you need when taking on this journey. Thank you BreakBeat for your help and guidance!
— Joseph G. ~ The Home Electric Company