What does our ideal client look like?

BreakBeat Marketing is pretty zoned in on a specific target market for our clientele. Curious if you fit the bill? This is who we work with:



  • One man/woman show.

  • No physical location.

  • Provide a service or sell a product.

  • In the planning stages or need to take your personal brand in a new and vibrant direction.

  • Looking for marketing fire power to separate you from the rest of the pack along with a game plan to help you become profitable.

  • You ARE your brand and have no plans (currently) to expand into a larger business entity.



    • May or may not have a traditional brick & mortar business.

    • 1-3 people in the decision making process.

    • A team in place and/or a network of people you work with. 

    • Planning to make some moves to grow your business. 

    • Provide a service or sell a product.

    • Looking to create a magnetic brand that has the potential to grow along with your growing company.



    • Traditional brick & mortar business. 

    • 1-3 people in the decision making process.

    • In the planning stages or your business is in need of a branding reboot.

    • Sell a service or products from your establishment.

    • Looking for creative design that catches the eye of the public and consulting to help you make informed branding and business decisions.


      Not sure if your business is the right fit... no problem!
      Let's talk about your business and find out.