What does BreakBeat Marketing Stand For?


David Sanchez

Marketing Consultant | Graphic Designer


We want to see small businesses succeed... period. The idea to launch BreakBeat stemmed from realizing that we HATE seeing small businesses in our community fail. Sure, there are lots of reasons why a company might have to close it's doors... we just don't want bad marketing to be one of them.

We launched BreakBeat because we saw an opportunity to provide a service to our community that would give small business owners a better shot at succeeding. The opportunity presented itself... and we had the skills and know-how to put it into action. The beauty is that with today's technology, we aren't limited to just our neighborhood. We can create BreakBeat Brands across the country without skipping a beat!


What's up with the logo?

"The Nome"

"The Nome"


We believe in simple logos that have meaning. When creating the BreakBeat logo, a.k.a. "The Nome", we wanted something that was simple, had meaning, was clever, and was easy on the eyes. We also needed to stay true to ourselves... which is a key to having a BreakBeat Brand. Read our first blog post called the Anatomy of a Logo where we break down the meaning behind "The Nome." It includes some tips that you can use for your own logo.

We are aware that if you have zero music background, you have no clue what that triangle thing is... so we provided a resource for you. Check it out. Big props to you if you last more than 1 minute.

Success occurs when preparation and opportunity meet.
— Zig Ziglar